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Michael Jackson American Music Awards

24. listopadu 2010 v 15:59 | Katy_L.O.V.E. |  Videos
♥ Michael tam vypadá jako vždy božsky ♥



1 zuzy zuzy | Web | 24. listopadu 2010 v 18:36 | Reagovat

to video nemá chybu!Michael nemá chybu... je tááá k nádhernej, milej.. krásnej.. něžnej a těžce sexy...a stá nekde na tom jevišti, tak ho zatáhnu za oponu... a země se otřásla! :-D  ;-)

2 YanaGirl YanaGirl | Web | 24. listopadu 2010 v 21:23 | Reagovat

Je krásnej a sexy, jako vždycky! ♥
Prostě ho miluju... to sand ani jinak nejde!!!! ♥

3 šajik šajik | Web | 25. listopadu 2010 v 6:35 | Reagovat

taký tutuuu úsměv..:D

4 Johannah Johannah | E-mail | Web | 1. května 2016 v 19:25 | Reagovat

And last time I checked, small drug poesssion was a crime, not that I agree with the law, but its know that if you get caught with drugs you run the risk of being locked up.

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You know,call me a conspiracy theorist, but I don’t think these were spy photos at all….that nasty man BROUGHT A FRIEND WITH HIM TO TAKE THE PICS and then pretended…didn’t he? wow, those PR people will stop at nothing these days. Gosh.Actually I think all these photos prove is that this too-heavy beast isn’t designed for the dirt at all.

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12 cheap non owners insurance in Lenexa KS cheap non owners insurance in Lenexa KS | E-mail | Web | 8. října 2018 v 19:59 | Reagovat

I love no-bake cookies. Dad and I make them sometimes, except Dad hates recipes, and so they always taste slightly different, though always delicious. I am jealous of your cookies.

13 cheapest car insurance in Palm Coast FL cheapest car insurance in Palm Coast FL | E-mail | Web | Sobota v 4:19 | Reagovat

bonsoir nadji tu es très douée, une vraie boulangère continue de m'épater , mes visites sur ton blog sont vraiment un grand plaisir bon week end zahra

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